Extremely Upgraded Award Winning Speedster

Price: SOLD

750 TTAF & E

1995 Glasair IIS RG N24TX

Imagine flying 1000 Nautical Miles at 200+ Kts. on 9.6 GPH!  Built for speed and comfort, the OSH Grand Champion is fully IFR has a blueprinted IO-360 Lycoming 230 HP Slant Valve Engine.  Always hangared, this plane looks like it was just built last year.

Avionics: King KLN 90A GPS, King KX155 NAV/COM, King KY 97 COM, King KN 72 VOR, King KT76A XPDR, King KMD 150 Multi-Function Display, S-TEC 50 Autopilot, Century HSI, G-Meter, EPI 800 DPU Engine Instrument, Lift Reserve Indicator, Stand-by Vacuum System, PS Engineering Intercom, Airtex 406 ELT.

Engine: Demars-Lycoming IO-360 C1C 230 HP, Stainless 4 into 1 Exhaust, ElectroAir Dual Electronic Ignition, Glasair III Oil Cooler, 65 Amp Alternator w/B&C Linear Regulator, Sky-Tec KPS Starter, Cooled Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter and Vacuum Pump, Temperature Isolated Accessory Bay, Air-Oil Separator.

Extras: Oxygen System, Whelen Strobes, Precise Flight Pulse Lights, Oregon Aero Temperfoam Sheepskin Seats, Adjustable Rudder Pedals, Landing Gear Emergency Reserve and Indicator Systems, 52 Gallon Wing Tanks & 7 Gallon Header Tank, Thermal and Noise-Proofing Insulation, Standard and Performance Wing Tips and LOTS MORE.

 built by Thomas Taylor

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