I just wanted to thank you for the awesome plate, smooth transaction and overall customer service.  The T210 is as advertised! Is one of the nicest anybody ever seen. Is as clean as it just would have rolled off the assembly line. Inside and out. Zero corrosion inside the frame, brand new looking paint job, and interior. I only have 25 hours logged since purchased due to the work schedule not lining up with the weather well and the engine used up zero oil. The only oil is missing what you have wiped off the dipstick. The plane is almost 7 knots faster than similar models with 2 large people and 3 cases of water in the luggage compartment for ballast. 
Thank you for the ferry flight. It was a wonderful experience. The cargo pod arrived safely as well.
I believe that I got one of the nicest T210Ns for a fair price and I can thank you for making the transaction go smooth. You were a fantastic help to set up the pre-purchase exams and test flight as well as dealing with the escrow people. Your description was right on the dot.
I can and will recommend your services and your planes you represent to anyone.  Frank – So. California
Earl Kessler has been my BFR flight instructor for many years. When I
decided to sell my plane, I asked Earl, owner of Vast Aviation, for
his expert advice. He provided me copies of his extensive research on
my plane’s value and together we arrived at a list price. Earl
advertised my plane on several websites and my plane closed escrow
within two weeks of the listing. Thank you Earl for a job well done. 
Ed S, Nevada

Earl was fabulous.  This was my first aircraft purchase and needless to say, I had many questions and concerns.  Earl was always very timely and patient in answering my questions and made the purchase process smooth and painless.  A true professional and a pleasure with which to work.  If I ever purchase another aircraft, I will not hesitate to seek out his counsel. Stu – Nevada

We are so pleased with our experience buying an airplane from Earl. From the beginning, he took time to understand what we wanted, and helped us decide on an aircraft that met our desires without overselling us. He honestly represented his inventory and helped us evaluate the value, condition, and reach a fair price.  Earl also knows just about everyone in the local GA community, and made great recommendations; from finance and insurance to upgrades and service. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable he was walking us through our first aircraft purchase, and couldn’t imagine doing it without him. Pat and Kelly – Nevada

As an aircraft dealer for 30 years+ I bought and sold hundreds of aircraft. However, in all those years, I never had an experience as positive, professional and pleasant, as it was with you, buying this beautiful Beech 18 , for myself. The plane was represented absolutely correctly and you even assisted me with the prebuy inspection, hands on. Gus – Florida

I have never owned an aircraft so I decided use Earl/Vast Aviation for my purchase and I’m happy I did. Earl was readily available to answer any questions that I had and he did an outstanding job explaining each step of the purchasing process.  The day before closing, I flew down to Reno to do a final test flight of the aircraft. Earl picked me up from the airport and then he let me use his car to get some food for the night and the next day’s flight (saving me the hassle of getting a rental car).  The next day, we flew the aircraft down to Las Vegas and had a great time. Overall, I could not be any happier with how things turned out and it was refreshing knowing I was working with a professional who really cares about his customers. If you’re looking to purchase an aircraft through a broker, Earl is the one you should contact. Thanks Earl! – Kori – Nevada

I want to thank you from deep into my heart for everything you did to help me purchase this plane.  I acquired an Aero Commander Lark from you and it was a very pleasant experience.

From the initial contact your attitude and demeanor was without equal. You took me by the hand and guided me through the whole process step by step; no matter how many phone calls and at what time! 
          This is my second airplane, but it had been a while since I had sold my first one. I was looking for the right plane and found it on your website. The very professional photos and thorough clean up of the aircraft was a major plus. They sold me on the plane! Buying through an escrow company was completely alien to me and you made the process a breeze. 
          You set me up with Steve Purcell to ferry the aircraft over 1,300 miles. Once again he was the best person for the job. He truly enjoys ferrying aircraft and that makes for an extraordinary experience. On top of that, Steve offered to stay an extra day to give me a refresher the day after his arrival. The airplane was impeccable and the cross country back and forth was just wonderful. We tried slow flight, stalls, emergency landings, touch and goes, etc. It is a superb aircraft! Mario – Texas
          I thank the Lord for the opportunity. He organized everything from the beginning! He assembled the best team for this endeavour. I thank you for your leadership, professionalism and kindness.

After 10 years of owning a wonderful T182 it was time for me to make a change. To assess the value of my aircraft I hired my own appraisal. Then I contacted Vast Aviation about an aircraft that was listed and I was interested. To my surprise Earl Kessler was going to be at my home airport and wanted to see my airplane. At our meeting Earl was knowledgeable about my aircraft and encouraging that he would be able to sell it. I wasn’t sure but I listed the airplane but after Earl explained the sale process and the roll he would play through Vast Aviation I listed the airplane. He was correct, four weeks after listing the aircraft he had a firm offer and we started the process of selling the my airplane. At the same time I was able to make an offer on another aircraft through Earl and Vast Aviation. Earl navigated both the sale of my existing airplane and the purchase of another professionally, fairly and confidently. He kept all the parties informed and was a reassuring to all.
I would encourage anyone looking to purchase or sell an aircraft to spend time talking to Earl. He is passionate and knowledgeable about aviation. He has a complete system to make this process straight forward and transparent for both the seller and the purchaser. I know you will find him to be just the person you want to assist you with an aircraft. Les – Washington

I agree with other posts about how professional, responsive and encouraging Earl has been during the short time that I’ve known him. Although I was excited about getting a plane, the course through all of the details was challenging. From verifying the logbooks and condition, negotiating with the seller, arranging a pre-buy inspection from out of state, escrow details, transition training, and schedule changes, the level of complexity and all of the decision points throughout the process felt like planning and then flying IMC cross country into an unfamiliar airport.

Although I had a chance to talk to a lot of good people during the months of searching and attempting purchases, a few of the other planes I had looked at and discussions with some of the other sellers were reminiscent of scud running or some other marginal decision; working with Earl has been as professional and reassuring as having ATC to talk to all the way through the procedure.

ps – While trying to schedule a pre-buy, two of the mechanics that I talked to also endorsed Earl. Each of them said “Oh, Earl is selling the plane? Then I already know that it’s solid – he doesn’t sell anything else.” Steve – Central California

It was a very difficult decision for me to make regarding selling my bonanza airplane. I wanted the transaction to be handled professionally and began a search for a broker that was very knowledgeable in this type of sale. I settled on the services of vast aviation. I was immediately impressed with the way Earl came to my airport and began taking photographs of my plane. He demonstrated exceptional knowledge in his business. He set out to create a very impressive and professional ad and within a matter of a couple of days, hits on my plane began coming in. The plane was sold within 3 weeks. I cannot say enough good of Earl’s absolute professional ability at conducting this type of business. His aviation knowledge is outstanding. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to buy or sell an airplane. Ken – Susanville, CA

I recently bought a Grumman and Earl was my broker. Earl handled every bit of the negotiations in an expedient and professional manner. He was always attentive to my calls and texts and he made everything go smoothly. Weather had been bad I couldn’t pick up the plane, Earl choose to fly it from Reno down to So Cal to bring it to me. That was an incredible show of customer service and very appreciated by me.
I give him the highest recommendation and would buy another plane from him with no reservations.
Tom – Los Angeles, CA

After not flying or owning a airplane for the last 3 years I decided to buy a Cessna 182 from Earl Kessler at Vast Aviation. I have to say it was a great experience all around. The aircraft was accurately described in the ad with no unexpected surprises when I came to inspect it, the sale transaction was smooth and professional, and Earl’s expertise as a instructor was very helpful getting a rusty pilot back up to speed and feeling confident again.  Great instructor, Great experience , 5 stars for Earl Kessler and Vast Aviation.  Peter – Forks, WA


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience buying my first airplane. From day one, Earl was very straightforward and forthcoming about how the buying process should work, what he expected of me as a potential buyer, and what expectations I should have from him and the owner. He then proceeded to exceed my expectations every step of the way. He was prompt in returning my calls and e-mails, always answered all of my questions honestly and completely, and delivered on every promise he made. Throughout the buying process, Earl acted as a father figure of sorts. He knew that I had no prior experience purchasing airplanes, and took me under his wing (no pun intended) to show me the ropes and make sure that I didn’t get in over my head. There were a number of issues with getting the plane delivered (none of which were the fault of Earl), yet his focus always remained on me and my wants and needs.  He flew the plane multiple times before delivering it to me to make sure that the repairs and updates were satisfactory, and that the plane would be in airworthy condition upon its arrival. He delivered the plane in its expected condition, and took extra time out of his day to show me nuances with the plane that I was previously unaware of. Now that I have the plane, I absolutely love it, and am so grateful that I was lucky enough to find someone like Earl to guide me through the process and help me with my first purchase.Earl is an honest, genuine man who is passionate about flying and takes pride in treating people the right way. There just aren’t many men of his character remaining. I’m so lucky to have found him, and he will be the first person I call when I look to buy or sell a plane in the future. Look no further! You’ve come to the right place. Perry – Boise, ID

Earl Kessler at Vast Aviation helped me get out of a bind by selling my 1969 Cessna 172 within two weeks of asking for his help and at a price much higher than I could have negotiated. He is hassle free and proactive with information and updated offers. His work with sorting through numerous Logbooks made my life easier and was much appreciated. Ric – Reno, Nevada

I bought a plane through Earl Kessler of Vast Aviation and he guided me through a nightmare and created a dream. I dealt with him over a period of six months(though no fault of his) by email and telephone and got to appreciate his character. Earl is a resourceful person and gets the job done. He has integrity that one can rely on and is knowledgeable in the aviation business. I was lucky enough to finally meet Earl in person and definitely my luck was working to have found him for a broker. Mike – Canada

I thought you were very professional about the entire transaction in that you not only represented the seller but also looked out for the buyer.  There was no hidden agenda, you delivered exactly as you promised.  There were no hidden fees.  I think you went above and beyond what would normally be expected for an aircraft transaction.

We flew into Reno Stead to inspect a Cessna 172 that Earl had advertised. When we landed we picked up a nail and got a flat tire, which required a tow to the FBO.  We called Earl to explain our predicament, he arranged for the local FBO to change our tire while we checked out the airplane for sale.  Even though it was the beginning of the Reno Air Races with Earl’s help the FBO agreed to take time out from their busy schedule and fix our flat.  What I thought would turn in to at least an overnight stay was fixed within an hour and we were on our way.  This was only the beginning of the service Earl provided.  This was my first aircraft purchase and Earl pointed out all the things we needed to take care of including pre-purchase inspection, test flight, title check, and escrow.  It was all handled exactly as he described, the registration and ownership transfer was very professional.  Michael – Idaho

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you gave during the sale my aircraft. You were always willing to do whatever was necessary to accommodate the potential buyer, you were also very generous with your time. I’ll be back if I sell my next aircraft! Thanks again. Paul – Nevada/California

I appreciate all the effort you put forth while selling my plane.  I was amazed how quickly it sold! You stayed on top of everything during the entire transaction and kept me continually informed.  I know I really appreciate your efforts, and I also received compliments from the buyer about your handling of the sale.  You can bet I will recommend your services to anyone I know that needs to sell their aircraft.  Tom – Nevada

Just a note to express my sincere appreciation with how well you did in selling my aircraft. Very few companies live up to their advertising; you surpassed all your agreements. I appreciate how quickly and how thoroughly you took care of all details in closing my aircraft painlessly. As you know this was my sixth aircraft in the past 30 years, very few things in the aviation industry have gone as well as when working with Vast Aviation. Please feel free to have anyone call me personally if they want a recommendation on your services; you could not have done a better job. Many thanks,  Joe – Nevada

I appreciate all you did to facilitate the sale…I have bought and sold multi-million dollar corporations and I don’t think any of those deals took as long or were as complex as this simple asset sale.  I hope you business continues to flourish  as long as you wish to be selling airplanes!  Randy – Nevada

Earl sold two planes for us and I must say the process was painless. He went above and beyond getting the planes prepped and shown.  He meticulously explained the flow and expectations of the sale and then made sure all went well and as planned. His professionalism and expertise was exemplary and very appreciated.  I would highly recommend Earl to anyone selling an aircraft.  Marcella – Nevada

I just wanted to drop you note to let you know how happy I was with the purchase of the Husky. This was my ninth purchase of an aircraft and I have to say it was the smoothest. Although we encountered some weather delays getting it home, everything went as planned. From the initial phone call to you, until the aircraft was tucked away in my hangar, the whole process was hassle free. Thank you very much. P.S.  I absolutely love this airplane!!  Chip – North Dakota

I had been searching for a Cessna T210 for approximately 7 months when I came across one advertised by Vast Aviation. I gave Earl a call and he was quick to inform that this was a very clean plane and it would not be around long. I have heard a lot of brokers say this, but, Earl was right! As the process moved forward, I found Earl to be courteous, cooperative, straight forward, and very responsive to questions and information requested. Earl’s team in my first aircraft purchase made the transaction smooth and professional. With Earl’s passion about flying, his focus is to have proficient and safe pilots purchase the planes he offers. To accomplish this he offered training over two days to complete my insurance requirement. All and all, Earl made the training and transaction a pleasant experience and I would recommend Earl for your next aircraft purchase or training. Ron – Northern California

“Hey Earl, Just wanted to thank you again for all the help in the purchase of the Cessna 195. Having never been through the proper steps of doing so, you made closing and negotiation much easier than working directly with a seller. I especially appreciated your wealth of knowledge and experience in general aviation as well as being very good about staying in touch. Thanks again for a great experience.” Dave – North Dakota

“I couldn’t give Earl a higher recommendation. His professionalism, courtesy, fairness and hard work ensured my purchase was completed with ease in a timely manner. The airplane was even better in person and Earl made the entire experience pleasant. I would not only buy from Earl again, but sell any airplane with him. Thanks so much!”  Jen M – California

“Earl Kessler of Vast Aviation went above and beyond in the sale of my plane.  Not only was the sale for full price, but Earl persevered in getting a mountain of paperwork needed for the buyer to export the plane to Asia.  He coordinated the entire transaction and it closed in 10 days thanks to Earl -Thanks again”  Russell – NV”

“You were always so professional, awesome presentation of my aircraft on your website, worked wonderful with the buyer and myself during the process and it was a win-win situation for us all.  I will highly recommend you to anyone wishing to sell their aircraft.  They will not be disappointed.  Your honesty and professional way of handling the business transaction was made simple and painless (except saying goodbye to my beautiful plane), but she went to a wonderful home.” – Rebecca M

“If you plan to sell your airplane, I highly recommend that you first contact Earl Kessler. When it was time to sell my classic airplane, a CFI friend recommended Earl to me. (Earl had sold his airplane.) Although I have been a Nevada attorney for over 30 years, I knew that I wasn’t prepared to sell the plane myself. Properly advertising and  actively marketing the airplane, evaluating offers, dealing with potential buyers, screening counter offers and dealing with issues that could make or break a deal require special expertise. Earl will get the best price for your airplane, while protecting you and your investment. My plane required the right buyer; throughout the process Earl repeatedly demonstrated integrity, perseverance and professionalism. I knew that he was actively working in my best interests. He provided frequent updates and kept me fully informed throughout the process. When it was time to sign a contract, he produced a well drafted document that protected me as the seller, but was fair to the buyer. I didn’t have to worry about my liability for the test flight, the contract was clear. When old records needed to be produced, Earl promptly researched what was needed. When questions were asked, Earl had the answers. He knew the plane and its history. Earl Kessler knows how to sell airplanes the right way. ” -Louise E

“We would like to thank you for the prompt sale of our Citabria.  We can not believe that it sold so quickly.You posted it on your website on a Friday and you had a buyer within 24 hours. The sale was completed in less than 10 days. When we decide to sale the 310I the oldest flying colemill conversion executive 600, you will be chosen to do the task. Thank you once again.” -Frank O

“I recently went to Carson city ( From Las Vegas ) to finish up my sport licence & do my 03-13-2013 Check ride, Earl came very highly recommended by Paul Hamilton DPE. Earl emailed me a few day’s before our scheduled time…… And kept in constant contact with me while in Carson City. We spent an hour pre briefing before our flight covering all aspects or our flight very nice! I knew exactly what to expect during the training flight. We covered everything that may come up on my check ride, Earl was friendly very easy to communicate with and just real pleasure to fly with! Well the rest is history I now have my Ticket thanks to Earl! So if your looking for a great CFI no mater what stage of training your in Earl Kessler is simply the best!  Thanks again Earl! And happy flying!” -Ray V.

“I can’t thank you enough for your professional handling of the sale of my super decathlon. Throughout it all you kept me well informed at all times, and delivered as promised. You have my respect as well as my endorsement for any future clients. Fly safe my friend.” – Gary S. – California

“I want to thank you for making my first aircraft transaction such a pleasure.  You were always timely and straight-forward with a response and information making it an easy purchase despite the challenges of buyer, seller, and broker in different locations.   When it came time to sign the paperwork, I appreciate the extra mile you flew to make the transaction happen.  Thanks again for making it a great start to owning my first airplane.”  – Jason B – California

“This was my first aircraft purchase experience that transpired along with my first over-the-continent trip in a single-engine airplane. Earl facilitated a very smooth transaction for the purchase of my Warrior, coordinating the seller, me and the escrow agency to conduct a very well organized sale. He then immediately went into his CFII mode and provided excellent real-world IFR and mountainous terrain training that I wouldn’t have been able to get where I live now. His patience with me was outstanding and his teachings will remain with me into my flying (and eventual trainer) career(s). Not only that but he was great company on the 20+ hour flight to my east-coast home! He is very organized and knows how to make the sale move along smoothly and accurately. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase my next aircraft from Earl, nor would I pass up the chance to visit with him again. I feel like I’ve made a great new contact in aviation with Earl. Thanks again!” – Eric T. – New Hampshire

“The transaction went incredibly smooth despite the long distance between Kansas and Nevada.  The airplane was exactly as advertised and all squawks were pointed out prior to the completion of the deal.  You and the seller were both upfront and helped us make an informed decision.  -Jesse L. – Kansas

“The sale of my plane was very quick.  Earl explained everything prior to selling the plane and there were no surprises. Earl had my plane sold within 3 days, with a 30 day escrow.  This experience was quick and safe for both parties. The escrow company was efficient with current online information pertaining to the sale and information on my account. This was the easiest transaction I have experienced.” -Sal P.

“Earl, thanks for the excellent training. You were patient, understanding, and never annoyed by my many repetitive questions. I plan on taking many more lessons from you in the future as I improve my skills.” – Jeffrey H.

“Selling an airplane presents a lot of details be worked out.  With your help, the sale of my Jabiru went quite smoothly and I appreciate the quality service  you provide. ” – Andy T.

“Just a quick note to thank you for the pain free experience in my airplane purchase, the airplane was just as was represented, and the whole experience was smooth, and stress free, Thanks” – Ralph A.

  “I met Earl when I decided to get my Instrument rating. I had flown with a half a dozen different instructors throughout my primary, tailwheel, and aerobatic training and without a doubt Earl has been the most enjoyable one to work with. What I like best about working with him is that he is truly passionate about every aspect of flying. My prior instructors were more of a “take the money and pump me through the curriculum” system. Earl loves to fly and wants to make a competent pilot out of you.” – Ken B.

“Earl, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the flight lessons I have taken. You are an awesome instructor and a heck of a nice guy. You are always calm and give me a great sense of security. I have come so far in such a short time and I have you to thank. Thank you.” – Mike H.

“Thank you so much for all your help with the sale of my 182, you went above and beyond as far as I’m concerned and it was a pleasure to do business you! I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs to sell an aircraft. If the time comes when I am able to purchase another plane you will be the first one I call” – Ed C

“Kim and I want to thank you so very much for your outstanding service in our recent purchase of Citabria N2975Y.  From your expeditious and attentive handling of the purchase agreement, funds and title transfer, our travel arrangements,  to the aircraft check out and your superior knowledge of local flight planning,  our experience with your services have been second to none.  As you know, I have been flying for nearly 40 years and this was my 8th aircraft to purchase over those years, yet your service has by far been the best in our experience.  You made it possible for us to successful fly the aircraft nearly 2000 miles home without incident.  Thank you again for your professionalism and guidance in the purchase process. ” – John C.

“Just wanted to thank you, Earl, for going above and beyond what I expected in selling my plane. From ferrying the aircraft to recommending a good A&P for the overdue annual, you made the sale happen. I was very happy with the service you provided and would happily use you again.” – Mike B.

“Recently purchased a Cirrus SR22 brokered by Earl/Vast Aviation.  Was really pleased with how quickly I received all the data I needed to make a purchase decision.  Was even more pleased with the closing process – Earl spent half a day with me and the seller to make sure the closing went smoothly, and that I was ready to safely fly the airplane home.  Thanks Earl!” -Ken B.

“Earl, Thanks so much for selling our Cherokee 140. We had it advertised on the internet for 3 years, but had no action. You sold the Cherokee in 6 weeks and kept us informed at every point. Your insight and professionalism is incredible. Thank you so very much!” – Pat & Barb C.

“I found that Earl Kessler to be an honest man with high degree of integrity and respect for others.  I had been searching for my first airplane for several months but did not feel good about many of the brokers that I met until Earl.  In my case, he was contracted to represent the owner, which was fully understood.  However, it was also apparent that he was aware that he would not be doing an acceptable job unless he had a satisfied buyer and he achieved that with honesty and respect.  I never felt that I was being sold a “bill of goods” or misled, but the best part of the experience was after the sale.  At this time, Earl spent two days giving me some of the best flight training that I have every received, all of which was gratis.  However, it is obvious that he is simply passionate about flying and got as much out of teaching as I did out of learning.  What could be better than a “win – win” like that?  Thanks, Earl!” – Chic Z.

“Having been involved with aviation for some fifty years, I was pleased to have the business connection with Vast Aviation in the sale of my plane.  The whole process was seamless and virtually effortless.  Earl is a true professional that knows his business inside out.” – George S.

“I’d like to thank Earl for facilitating such a smooth aircraft purchase –always professional, and always helpful — promptly supplying documentation,answering all of my questions, and working hard to make the deal come together to the satisfaction of all parties.  Thanks for all your help!” -Robert A.

“I was a bit apprehensive buying my first airplane. From the first phone call I knew I found the right person to broker the deal. Earl was very patient as we examined the plane and the logs. In the next week, Earl helped me through the process in a very timely manner. The airplane checked out as expected and I now own the airplane I have dreamed about since I started flying. I would highly recommend Earl for anyone buying or selling an airplane.”  -Sam W.